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According to the beliefs of the Karachay people in Turkey, Oburs are witches who turn into vampires at night.


Oburs occur among very old people.

The people who become Oburs recognize each other. According to the Oburs themselves, there are Oburism skills and salves.

The ones who become Oburs know how to enter into various forms. For example, cats, dogs, and wolves.

Oburs, at the time when they become Oburs, strip mother naked in a large house.

They smear salve, which they make themselves, on their bodies and wallow in the ashes on the edge of the fire.

Afterwards they mount brooms with whips in their hands, and after running around the bottom of the room in circles, they issue from the chimney in the forms of cats.

After men's footsteps have ceased, and everyone has gone to bed, they enter by the chimney, drink the children's blood, and leave a black bruise at the place where they have drunk, and then go.

If it becomes necessary to go to a place from from the village, they are gathered in twos and threes somewhere, and they enter into the form of wolves.

No matter what there is at the summer pastures - cows, oxen, calves, horses, or sheep - they make them lie down, drink their blood, and sate themselves on blood.

The Oburs who will do this do their work at night.

With the break of dawn, they leave immediately, enter the house by the place whence they had issued, and enter into their original shapes.


Entry taken verbatim from the original source:

The Darkling: A Treatise on Slavic Vampirism. Jan L. Perkowski. Slavica Publishers. Columbus, Ohio. ©1989