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Pelesit is a dark spirit revered by shamans in Malay culture.


Pelesit is commonly associated with the grasshopper since it has the ability to turn itself into one. Some say it is the green sharp pointed-head grasshopper. The master keeps his pelesit in a small bottle and offers it his own blood every full moon. It should always be taken care of and fed constantly because if not, the demon will soon create havoc among the local inhabitants of its master's village, especially after the master's death.

Powers and uses

The Pelesit is reared as a shield for protection, guidance, and most probably as a weapon to harm other people. It is the female version of Hantu Raya which confers great power on the owner. According to Saka, pelesit must always have a continuous master and therefore must be pass down from one generation to the next.

Typically the owner, the Bomoh (shaman), uses the spirit in an exploitative way for monetary gain. The pelesit is first used to attack someone randomly, then the same Bomoh will be called to exorcise the so-called demon inside the victim (while the spectators have no idea that the bomoh is playing tricks on them). Later, a certain amount of money is given to the bomoh as a token of appreciation.

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