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Petsuchos (Greek: Πετεσοῦχος) was (the Greek rendition of) the name given to the live crocodile at Crocodilopolis in Ancient Egypt, which was worshiped as a manifestation of the Egyptian god Sobek (Greek: Σοῦχος).


The name Petsuchos Ra (a more common name the creature goes by) means "Pet of Ra", as the Ancient Egyptian word "pet" has a meaning of "son" or "offspring".


Petsuchoi were worshipped as gods, and were adorned with jewels and gold. When the Petsuchos died, it was replaced by another. Their carcasses were mummified, like those of pharaohs and high priests. It is said that Petsuchos Ra wore a crown made to look like the horns of a bull with a circular piece in the middle. Petsuchos Ra used this circular piece to reflect sunlight and fire it toward his enemies as a ray or beam. The beast was also a servant to those who served Ra or Sobek, but no other religions were safe from it.