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Ghost train.

A phantom vehicle is a supposed ghostly or haunted vehicle.


In more detail, phantom vehicle is a term describing two types of phenomenon:

  • either a ghostly apparation of a vehicle of some kind (usually involved in fatal car crashes; the same vehicle mysteriously reappears and disappears at the spot where the accident occurred);
  • or a vehicle that is haunted by the spirit of a person (usually the former owner of the vehicle) which sometimes appears in the passenger seat as a ghostly apparition or appears in the rear view mirror. In the latter example, the witness could often look in the backseat of the vehicle but find nobody there. Such vehicles are often claimed to be acting strangely.
  • Another kind of a phantom vehicle is one that suddenly appears out of nowhere at high speed and disappears. This type of phantom vehicle (mostly cars and trucks) is reported to be driverless or is driven by a ghost of the owner of the vehicle. Witnesses often claim that they see such vehicles disappearing at spots which a normal vehicle could have crashed into.

Types of phantom vehicles

Phantom Vehicles can be ghosts of almost any form of human transportation, usually cars, trucks, trains, and ships.

Cars and trucks

There have been many reports of ghostly cars and trucks. A majority of these sightings come from rural backroads, empty highways and desolate dirt roads. Many of these sightings take place at night.

  • In 1982 two people in Hawaii reported seeing a mysterious black car which disappeared a second later and reappear again.
  • In 1995, an eyewitness saw a brown 1960s car that had bumper stickers, the witness passed the car but it mysteriously reappeared ahead of the witness's car at several stoplights. Also the witness noticed that the driver was a man in his teens and that he never turned his head and he never moved the steering wheel when the man drove around the "dead man's curve" the witness said.
  • 2004, In Cape Town, South Africa, a Renault sedan mysteriously rolled up an embankment and hit a fence, despite the fact that the handbrake was engaged and the engine was off. Some say the car was "jumping".[3]
  • In the mid 1980s, three people in a sedan reported seeing a gray van heading straight towards them. Then suddenly the van vanished.
  • The Curse of "Little Bastard": the mid-1950s Porsche 550 Spyder in which James Dean died is said to be cursed after the accidents in which it has been later involved.
  • In Germany, a car mysteriously started up by itself and rammed a wall.
  • An eyewitness claimed that an old truck started up by itself and blinked at him as he walked past an old house.
  • Early 1980s - a British motorist crashed his car in order to avoid a truck that suddenly appeared coming straight towards him and then vanished.
  • A Police chase video has documented a car had been driving erratically "like a man possessed" and proceeding to outrun cops by vanishing into a field that was bordered by an unbroken chain-link fence.
  • The curved road at the junction of St. Marks Road and Cambridge Gardens in Ladbroke Grove was reported to be haunted by a phantom bus with a route marker "7" which caused numerous accidents, one of which was fatal. The reports subsided when the area of road was straightened.


  • The "St Louis Ghost Train" (see St. Louis Light) is said to haunt a Saskatchewan village.
  • Abraham Lincoln's funeral train was said to be haunted by his spirit.
  • The "Silverpilen" subway train is supposed to haunt the metro system of Stockholm, the Swedish capital.
  • In 2000 a train in Bogor Station moving to Jakarta Cikini Station was seen without the driver and passengers.


  • In 1997, eyewitnesses claimed they saw a single-engine plane crash. But when the coast guard searched the waters off Connecticut, they couldn't find any wreckage or bodies. Also none of the airports reported any planes missing.
  • Eastern Air Lines Flight 401, a Lockheed L-1011 crashed into the Florida Everglades on the night of December 29, 1972, causing 101 fatalities. Some of the recovered wreckage was later used as spare parts on other L-1011 planes of the float. The crew of those planes reported watching the ghosts of Captain Robert Loft and Flight Engineer Donald Repo, both deceased on flight 401, aboard their planes. The reports ceased when all the equipment coming from the doomed aircraft was removed.

Boats and ships

  • Legends tell of a ghostly ship named the "Flying Dutchman" said to haunt the waters near the Cape of Good Hope.
  • There are several stories of ghost ships linked to the Bermuda Triangle legends.
  • The Mary Celeste is one of the most famous and documented "ghost ships"

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