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A psychic vampire, in mythology, is a being said to have the ability to feed off the "life force" of other living creatures. The concept appears in the mythologies of many cultures, just as do blood-drinking vampires.

Psychic vampirism is also called psychic attack.


Regions where belief in psychic vampires is common include Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, and rural South America. Some North American Indian cultures, such as the Hopi, also share this belief.

The legends and spiritual teachings of some cultures refer to people, often given priestly attributes, who manipulate or remove (feed from) the energy of others. The tiger-women spoken of across Asia (as well as the fox-women Kitsune of Japan) may be noted, as can the incubus and succubus of Judaeo-Christian mythology. This concept is purported to be represented in the myths of a number of cultures, just blood-drinking vampires are.

In the oral tradition of the Hopi, a powaqa is a sorcerer who comes to a victim pretending to help and then feeds off the victim's life force.

Main Belief

The concept of both 'vampire' and homologously psychic vampire can be interpreted to represent the issue of social parasitism applied to spiritually or emotionally weak persons; those who appear to "drain" strength from others. This concept was popularized by Anton LaVey and his Church of Satan, but most probably not invented by them. Anton LaVey claimed to have introduced the concept of the psychic vampire into English, but this claim is at least in part spurious. Dion Fortune, who died before Anton LaVey reached adulthood, also wrote about psychic vampirism. In her book psychic self-defense she discusses both what she perceives to be true psychic vampirism and mental conditions that produce similar symptoms. For the latter she names folie a deux and similar phenomena. A related form of psychic vampirism is known as sexual vampirism, where one is said to be able to feed off sexual energy. 'Vampire s who feed using this method are known as Succubi or Incubi, named after the demons who enter the dreams of men or women tempting them into having intercourse.

The victim experiences a fatigue and exhaustion, nightmares, sexual assaults and symptoms of the Old Hag syndrome.

Psychic attack

Church of Satan's Interpretation

In the philosophical practice of the Church of Satan, a psychic vampire is a spiriually or emotion ally weak person who drains vital energy from other people. Such a person does not rely on supernatural powers, but rather the ability to exploit the victim's sense of pity and compassion [1] Occult author Dion Fortune wrote of psychic vampirism as early as 1930, considering it a combination of psychic and psychological pathology. According to Mrs. Fortune there are two kind of attacks, the one directed by nonphysical entities and the one led by human beings. The latter are possible through great mental powers and/or out-of-body experiences in astral form. Though most people are protected by psychic attacks thanks to the vitality of their own energy shields, there are four conditions in which shields might now work properly:

  • being where occult places are concentrated
  • meeting people adept at handling these forces
  • dabbling in the occult
  • falling victim to certain pathological conditions

The majority of attacks take place by night (but they may occur at any time), as when the victim is sleeping its resistance is at its lowest level. Phases of the moon are also important as the best moments to work harmful magic (such as psychic vampirism) are the waning moon or the dark of the moon.

Modern Belief

In New Age terminology, an energy vampire or psychic vampire is a being said to have the ability to feed off the "life force " of other living creatures (Other terms for these persons are pranic vampire, empathic vampire, energy predator, psy/psi-vamp, energy parasite, psionic vampire, or emotional vampire). The term, and concept of, "energy vampire" is mostly modern in origin. While there are countless life-force feeding creatures across many cultures (linked more to the mythological vampire), accurate sources referring to the exact creatures described in New-Age books do not exist. The energy vampire, from a modern standpoint, is alternately seen as a predator who attacks its victim or as a symbiotic partner who forms a mutually beneficial relationship with its donor.When the donor is unwilling, it becomes an attack which could be equated with energy-rape. This has given the illusion that the majority of self-proclaimed "energy vampires" are intentionally predating on the unwilling, when the opposite is generally considered to be true.

Protection Against Psychic Attacks

In order to protect oneself against psychic vampirism occult experts suggest to picture an ovoid shell of white mist surrounding one's body. Also the determination that evil forces will not penetrate the shell is necessary to ward off the attacks. The shell has to be formed in the morning, repeated at midday and whenever getting into crowds or threatening places. It should also be repeated before going to sleep. While walking, keeping one's hands closed means to retain one's magic energies. When aboard a bus, train, etc. keeping hands clasped and sitting with the left foot over the right is said to close the circuit of the body's electricity.

See Also


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  • Webber, Charles W.: Spiritual Vampirism (1853)



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