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Rabisha Lake Monster

The Rabisha Lake Monster or Water Bull is a legendary hybrid in the folkore of Bulgaria.


The Rabisha Lake Monster has the head of a bull, the body of giant, strong man, and the tale of fish.


The Rabisha Lake (Rabishkoto Ezero in Bulgarian) is located between the villages of Tolovitsa and Rabisha, in the Belogradchik Municipality, to the northwest of Sofia in the Bulgarian Northwest. It is known for the Belogradchik Rocks – absolutely miraculous rock formations stretching for some 30 km in the western part of the Balkan Moutain (Stara Planina).

The Rabisha Lake has a tectonic origin. It was formed in the Quaternary Period, some 2,5-3 million years ago, and its depth reaches 30-40 meters. It is an endorheic and the largest lake in Bulgaria’s interior even though with its area of about 1 square km it is much more modest in size than the Loch Ness.


A long time ago, the Rabisha lake and its surroundings were haunted by a monster that looked like the Greek minotaur. In order to keep this terrifying beast at ease, the local people would offer as a sacrifice the most beautiful young girl in the entire region. They would hold a procession taking the girl to the Rabisha Lake where she would get on a boat together with many wonderful gifts, until the monster take them to the depths of the lake. The most gorgeous girl in the world was born one day in the village of Rabisha. When she grew up and the time came to offer her as sacrifice, she was placed in a boat and taken to the middle of the lake. However, when the Water Bull saw her, he was so enchanted by her that instead of killing her, he fall in love. He asked his sister, who was a sorceress, for help, and with her powers she made the beautiful girl immortal. The Water Bull took his young wife to the bottom of the lake, and they have never been seen since.

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