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In demonology, Rahovart is Satan's companion.


Rahovart is referenced in Durzel's Morality a Renaissance book which was printed at Rouen and not widely known, in fact little is know about Rahovart himself. In Durzel's undated account, which plays out to the end of the 15th century he is Satan's companion.


A powerful floating demon he is often mentioned as an old giant with a mane of long black hair, he carries a basket that contains the souls of dead curmudgeons.


Rahovart is attributed with tormenting evil and stingy rich folks and old curmudgeons, he is also charged with avalanches and ghostly torment. There is no mention of him moving about on road sides, or attacking travelers, but rather appearing at deathbeds and in great homes where he has the power to pop in without being invited.