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Sliocha nan Ron meaning children of the seals are the alleged offsprings of a union between a selkie and a mortal.


The children are said to be born with webbing between their fingers and toes and occasionally patches of rough skin on their head and body.


Sliocha nan Ron were believed to be able to transform into a seal with the aid of their skin.


To this day there are many families who were thought to be descendants of selkies. One such family is the clan Macfie of Scotland. The name Macfie is derived from an older version of the name Macduffie which is derived from the gaelic term MacDubhSithe meaning son of the dark fairy of elf. The legend claims that the first Macfie took a selkie as a bride.


Changelings often discover their true selves at the discovery of their skin. It is thought that they are born with them and the parents hide it from the child until they are ready to understand. There is one story of a selkie who was tricked into being a wife but finds her skin and leaves, taking both her skin and the skin of her child who is a changeling.

Several years later the child grows up and is an outcast with animals tendencies. The father is told that the child will be sent away to a place for the mentally retarded. Before this happens, the mother reappears one night with her child´s skin and takes him with her back to the ocean leaving the father by himself.

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