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A horde of evil spirits who are after the souls of people on their deathbeds.

Origin in Ireland

  • In Irish folklore, Sluagh were the spirits of dead sinners; sometimes the spirits of Pagan ancestors; usually troublesome and destructive.

They flew in groups like flocks of birds, coming from the west, and tried to enter a house where someone is dying to take the soul away with them. West-facing windows were sometimes kept closed to keep them out.

The Sluagh are considered to be an Irish manifestation of the Wild Hunt.

Origin in Scotland

  • In Scottish folklore the Sluagh were originally part of the Seelie Court, then they turned to sinners doomed to fly across the skies at midnight to kidnap travelers out late at night.

The Sluagh, also known as the Fairy Host were said to fly West in order to catch the soul of a dying man before it was shriven. This is the reason why at the beginning of the Twentieth Century in Scotland people began to close windows and doors overlooking the west side.


In the Legacy of Kain series of video games, Sluagh are a soul-devouring enemy encountered in the spectral/spirit realm.

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