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  • ...m and can be transformed into a rat with feathers. Whereas in the south of Chile, the Huilliche culture represents them as a long mouse with the head of a r ...Moesbach. ''Voz de Arauco: explicación de los de los nombres indígenas de Chile''. Imprenta San Francisco, 1944. (Spanish).
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  • In Chile mythology, '''Fiura''' is a female goblin, the only daughter of the Condená and the [[Category: Chile mythology]]
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  • '''The Pincoya''' is a goddess and a siren of the Chiloé Island, Chile. ...sailing the seas at night around the southern island of Chiloé in southern Chile. The ship appears briefly intact with sounds of a party on board, but quick
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  • The '''Peuchen''' is a creature from southern Chile. The Peuchen can be found in Mapuche and Chilota mythology.
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  • '''Gualicho''' or '''gualichu''' is an evil spirit or demon in the Mapuche mythology (Tehuelche culture). ...word has evolved into gualicho and still survives in the local folklore of Chile and Argentina in the form of a noun and a verb (engualichar, to cast an evi
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  • ...incoy''' is a water spirit of the seas in the chilote mythology of Chiloé, Chile. [[Category: Chilean mythology]]
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  • ...'''Basilisco chilote''' is a creature from Chilota mythology, in southern Chile. [[Category: Chilean mythology]]
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  • The '''Anchimayen''' is a mythical creature of the Mapuche mythology. * Louis C. Faron. ''The Mapuche Indians of Chile. Case studies in cultural anthropology.'' Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1968.
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  • ...the Chagrin, who rode them into a state of exhaustion, like the Guecubu of Chile. [[Category: Gypsie mythology]]
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  • ...s creature in the mythology of Chiloé (Chiloé Archipelago, in the south of Chile). [[Category: Chilean mythology]]
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  • ...agous creature in the Mapuche mythology; of the South American culture, in Chile. According to South American Mythology, the Cherufe was immobilized by the daughters of the sun god, who utilized
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  • ...he Chilote folklore and Chilote mythology of the Chiloé Island in southern Chile, the '''imbunche''' or '''invunche''' or '''achucho de la cueva''' is a leg [[Category: Chilean mythology]]
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  • ...ship of the Chilote mythology and local folklore of the Chiloé Island, in Chile. [[Category: Chilean mythology]]
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  • According to the traditional Chilota mythology of Chiloé (south of Chile), the '''trauco''' is a type of goblin who lives in the deep forests. [[Category: Chilean mythology]]
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  • May 2004: In Chile, a civil engineer named Germán Pereira was taking photographs of two mount ...on bears similarity to the [[Mannegishi]] creature, which is native to the mythology of the Cree Indians in Canada. Coleman also notes that cryptozoologist Mar
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  • ...e legend of the Cuco was spread to countries such as Mexico, Argentina and Chile. In the Mexican-American community the creature is known as ''El cucuy''. O [[Category:South American and Mesoamerican mythology]]
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  • ...must cast a magical powder -- a mixture of manioc flour and dried crushed chile peppers works well -- over the water where the encantado is known to appear [[Category:Brazilian mythology]]
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  • ===Chile=== ...La Calchona, La Vuida and La Condena. The legend is well-known throughout Chile.
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  • ...mous, the oldest mummies recorded are the Chinchorro mummies from northern Chile and southern Peru. Also among the oldest is Uan Muhuggiag which is a place Some of the best-preserved mummies date from the Inca period in Peru and Chile some 500 years ago, where children were ritually sacrificed and placed on t
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  • ...heAndes to play a game in Chile. The plane crashed near the border between Chile and Argentina. After several weeks of starvation and struggle for survival, The opening of [[Hell]], the Zoroastrian contribution to Western mythology, is a mouth. According to [Catholic dogma, bread and wine are transubstanti
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