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A Strigoaica is the Strigoi’s female counterpart, a shapeshifting vampire in Romanian lore, either dead or living.


The Strigoaica is famous for stealing the life-force of cows by sucking their milk, leaving the animal with none to give.

Strigoiaca and Romanian lore

A story out of Romanian folklore tells about a strigoiaca who had no cow of her own so she was forced to keep a wooden one in her house. She kept it there, filling it with the milk of cows owned by others.

Another tale, with Christian elements, narrates about the punishment waiting for the Strigoiaca, as one went to confession and told the priest she had taken powers from other people’s cows. The priest ordered her to take butter from the milk, then anoint a tree in the forest. Three days later she was supposed to go back to the tree to see what had happened. She did so and found that many kinds of creatures and snakes were in the butter. Then the priest told the Strigoiaca these creatures would suck her blood in the next world, because she had stolen so much power in this one.