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"Vampire" is too broad a term to be reduced to a few features. Moreover, we are using the modern mythology as it when forged by Stoker. Other vampire-like creatures are referenced according to their original name to avoid any confusion.


I have to say that your research on vampires of the past is quite good, but u have a few facts wrong about some topics of their traits.

  • Vampires CANNOT be killed by a wooden stake through the heart, the resulting events will leave u dead and dumbstruck. The vampire will pull the stake out, most likely laughing, and drive it through you.

The ONLY stake that will kill a vampire is that of whitethorn which is found growing near graveyards. If you happen to drive a normal stake through their heart the best you could do is stun them, which will last until the stake is removed.

  • Holy objects only work to an extent and if they are blessed by a true believer.
  • There are infact such types of vampires as: Daywalkers, Shapeshifers, Nosferatu, Psi~Vampires, etc.
  • Vampires are stronger, smarter, and faster than mortals and older vampires gain the ability to 'flit' which is to move faster than the eye can see.
  • Vampires CAN enter a home without permission just as mortals can.
  • Vampires don't always take from the neck more often it's from the arm which is in a way a sign of trust.
  • Vampires who gain the ability for Shapeshifting are known for ofter choosing: bats, wolves, snakes, and other nocturnal beasts. Some choose more humanish forms such as: Fallen Angels or Shadow Dancers.
  • Vampirse rarely kill for their blood instead they choose to knock the victim out and take as needed.

If u wanna know more about what REAL vampires are like then go to the following links.

So to everyone who wants to know the real storys, stop listening to mortals they will only give u top-grade bull. Oh and just so you know, and don't think all this is not true, I know a: 183 year old vampire, my girlfriend(his 18 year old sister), and their cousin(recently turned). So don't be doubting this.

Everyone will meet a vampire in his/her life at one point but chances are you will not know it.

Is there any way to edit this article to hold more information (not the history, but other things like behavior, powers, weaknesses, killing the Vampire, detection of Vampires, etc.)?

User:Kyle Van Helsing