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Tonttu is a Finnish version of the Swedish tomte.



Both tonttu and tomte are related to words tontti (Finnish) and tomt (Swedish). They mean a piece of land, on which a house is built, and later protected by a local spirit, a tonttu.


Tonttus is a Maan Haltija (Haltija of land) and belong to the family of haltijas.

  • Kotihaltia (home elf, home gnome) is the word for a tonttu that lives in every home. He takes care of the house, but it is also important to treat him with respect.
  • Saunatonttu lives in the sauna and protects it, but also makes sure that people will not behave improperly in it.
  • Joulutonttu is Finnish for Christmas elf. Unlike some christmas elves, Finnish Joulutonttu is thought not to have pointy ears.

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