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Phantom X



Phantom's real name is Tom. He lives in IL, USA near Chicago. He's currently a highschool student going into his junior year. Tom is apart of his high school's football team (Offensive Tackle), Future Educators of America (FEA), his high school's wrestling team (1 time state heavy weight champion, 1 time runner up state heavy weight champion) and yearbook. He writes stories and poems frequently and dreams of having his story(Legends of Cyberspace) published as soon as he is done with it.

Tom is very open about his musical choices. He likes all genres except for Rap and Country. He enjoys reading Fantasy and Mystery books. Some of his favorite authors are Garth Nix, Jenny Nimmo, DJ MacHale, and many many more.

In the future, Tom wants to form a paranormal team with the people of Monstrous, get his teaching degree, and become a published author. He plans on teaching History, English, or Mythology.


As Tom was developing in the womb, his leg seemed to get trapped on something, causing growth defects in his left leg. His ankle grew up towards his leg and eventually became parallel to it. His first doctor, whom was there at his birth coincidentally, was (checking spelling, will be up shortly.). He did a series of breaking the tibia and ankle to reposition them. This happened mostly through the time Tom was 0-5. At the age of 2, he was put in a full body cast to make sure no weight would be put on it, which was a hasel for everyone involved.

~Funny Parental Moment I must involve.~

One day Toms mother decided to do the laundry while Tom was sleeping. She left the apartment (door opened, of course) to go right next door to the laundry room. Well, a mysterious gust of wind swept through the appartment and closed the door, as well as awaking the sleeping Tom. He began to cray and crawl around the bed (no crib because he tended to crawl out of it, sorta like Tommy Pickles on the Rugrats) and was getting dangerously close to the edge. My mother, whom was locked out, called everyone she could but no one could seem to help at that moment. She heard him crawl(it was more like an army crawl minus the legs, the doctors broke down and allowed him a half body cast.). She knew he would be at the edge soon, so she called upon all her strengh and broke down the door, dived in, and managed to catch the falling Tom.

(1st doctors name) died of a heart attack, ironically, in the hospital he was working at in 1996. He had written many books on orthopedics, most quoting his encounters with Tom. Sadly,Tom's tibia had slowed in growth and the height had to be made up for by horrible lifts added to his shoe, which made his shoe look like Herman Munsters. In 2000,desperate for a new doctor, his parents took him to Dr. Quo the best doctor in orthopedics and best hopsital in Chicago(Rush University Medical Center). He took a deep interest in Tom's case and knew exactly what was needed. This interest lead to the Ilizarov, in 2002. (As seen in picture below)

The procedure involves breaking the bone to be adjusted. Metal rings are then attached to the bone sections by rods, wires and screws. The screws are then periodically adjusted while the bone is healing to get the required shape. Once this has been completed a second operation is performed to remove the apparatus. The major advantage of this procedure is that because the apparatus provides complete support while the bone is recovering the patient can remain active aiding recovery.

Once the ilizarov was off (which took a total of 12 months to get 3 inches), Dr. Quo decided to go off to Japan to help with the SARS break out. As a result, Tom's new doctor would be (Needs to be looked up, very difficult names), at the Chicago Shriners Hospital. (3rd doctor) was actually the man who developed the technique that he suggested would fix Tom's ankle problem. He explained that he would cut the ankle and insert a plate a a few screws to secure the ankles placement. (As seen in the X-Ray at the top of the page)

Tom is much better today, though his foot does try to hold him back. He tends to walk with it out to the left out of habit and is in the process of breaking it. Regardless, he does not let his leg hold him back, regardless the task.



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Fear Liath More, or the Grey Man, is a creature said to have inhabited the summit cairn of Ben MacDhui, one of the six great peaks of the Scottish Cairngorm Mountains. The Grey Man is identified as a presence encountered both physically and psychically. In its physical form, the Grey Man is most often described as quite large and broad shouldered, standing fully erect and being in excess of 10 feet in height, with long waving arms. He is also covered with short brown hair. Because of this, some tend to associate him with the Bigfoot or Sasquatch of North American fame, or the Yeti of the Himalayas. Footprints found on the summit of Ben MacDhui do closely resemble the "typical" Bigfoot imprint. However, this association is misleading, as the Grey Man has far more interesting identifying characteristics than his physical description alone. More frequently, the Grey Man is encountered in physical sensation, but without a true physical form. Sensations of this type include vast, dark blurs which obscure the sky, strange crunching noises, echoing footsteps which pursue the listener, an icy feeling in the surrounding atmosphere, as well as a physical feeling of a cold grip on, or brush against, the observer's flesh. There is also a high pitched humming sound, or the Singing as it is sometimes called, which is associated with Ben MacDhui and the Grey Man. Additionally, the Grey Man has an extremely powerful psychic effect. Visitors to Ben MacDhui report a feeling of overwhelming negative energy. Occasionally this is described as extreme apathy and dejection. More often, it is typified by acute fear, apprehension and an overwhelming panic, leading to suicidal thoughts or physical flight. Generally, this fear is accompanied by the physical sound of echoing footsteps chasing the observer, and sometimes the sound of a resonant and yet completely incomprehensible voice which seems to be faintly Gaelic in nature. Curiously, the Grey Man has a distinct area of influence. At a certain point in their downward flight all observers report that the negative energies and feelings of fear end as abruptly as they began. The Grey Man has most often been encountered within this century by mountaineers climbing in the Cairngorms.


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