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A White Lady is the ghost of woman/girl who died tragically or suffered trauma during her lifetime. White Lady legends abound around the world.

The Cheltenham Ghost

United States

A local legend in Cairo, New York, tells of the White Lady of Acra, the ghost of a woman who died on her way home from her wedding night in the 1800s. Although no one has come into contact with her, many older people claim to have seen her, especially on the abandoned dirt road she is rumored to haunt.

Branch Brook Park in Newark, New Jersey, is home to the legend of the White Lady of Branch Brook Park. Two conflicting stories are told about this ghost. In one version, the lady was a newlywed who was killed along with her husband on her wedding night when their car skidded out of control and crashed into a tree in the park. In another version, the couple were on their way to a prom when their limousine crashed; the boy lived but the girl died, and she is allegedly still looking for her prom date. There is some evidence that the details of this legend have been borrowed or blurred into other legends. Annie's Road, in particular, is thought to be a rehosting of this legend.[1]

The White Lady who haunts Durand-Eastman Park in the Rochester, New York, area is believed to be the spirit of a mother whose daughter was kidnapped and raped.[2][3]

The gold rush ghost town of Bodie, California, is home to many ghost stories. One involves "The White Lady," a woman who was affianced to a miner from Bodie. On his way to trade his gold for cash, he rented room #19 at the Bridgeport Inn in nearby Bridgeport and left his fiancée in the safety of the inn, as he felt it too dangerous for her to accompany him on his journey. Unfortunately, the miner was robbed and killed on his way to claim his fortune. Upon hearing of his demise, distraught and unsure of what to do next, the White Lady hung herself in her room. An apparition of a woman dressed in white (possibly in a wedding dress) is said to walk the halls of the Bridgeport Inn to this day, waiting for her lover’s return.

"The Ghostly Sphinx of Metedeconk" by Stephen Crane recounts the tale of a White Lady whose lover was drowned in 1815:

In the afternoon and early evening, a female spirit in a white dress wanders around the graveyard of Charleston's Unitarian graveyard. She is known as the "Lady in White" by the locals. She is said to be the spirit of a woman who died at about the same time that her husband died as his ship sailed for Boston, Massachusetts. Neither of them knew of the other's demise. She was buried in the Unitarian cemetery while he was buried in Boston [2], where his spirit allegedly haunts that graveyard. The ethereal "Lady in White" searches the graveyard eternally for her husband.[4]

Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut is arguably one of the most haunted cemeteries in the country. The most well-known haunt is a spirit known as "The White Lady". The identity of the spirit is not known, but sightings of her didn't occur until the late 1940s; meaning she must have died sometime before then. She is also said to haunt the nearby Stepney Cemetery in Monroe, Connecticut.[5][6][7]

Another tale of a White Lady is the Headless Bride who haunts the Old Faithful Inn at Yellowstone National Park. She is said to have been murdered by her ambitious new husband. After she fell in love with the servant, they went on a trip to Yellowstone. However, the young man managed to gamble away the money, and when the women asked her father for more money, and he refused, the husband beheaded his wife and fled. They say she haunts only the Old House, since that was the only part when she was alive. Every night around midnight, she descends from the Crow's Nest. Then, she turns, and you see tucked under her arm, her head! She is dressed in her old wedding gown. After she looks around sadly, she realizes her husband has not returned for her, and sadly disappears.

Great Britain

"White Lady" is a common name in Great Britain for a female ghost, sometimes that of a nun. In popular medieval legend, a White Lady is fabled to appear by day as well as by night in a house in which a family member is soon to die. According to The Nuttall Encyclopaedia, these spirits were regarded as the ghosts of deceased ancestresses.

Castle Huntly, Scotland, is said to be haunted by a young woman dressed in flowing white robes. There are various stories concerning her history, one of which is that she was a daughter of the Lyon family who occupied the castle in the 17th century. When her affair with a manservant was discovered, she was banished to a high tower overlooking the battlements. Unable to endure her suffering, she threw herself to her death from the tower. The ghost of the White Lady has been seen a number of times over the years, often on the grounds surrounding the castle. She has also been seen in the room in which she was imprisoned.

The White Lady of Willow Park is native to a small, heavily-wooded park of Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside, in northwest England. She is thought to be the tormented spirit of a bride who was drowned in the lake by her husband on their wedding night. Variations on her method of death include being bricked up in a cave and hanging herself in the kitchen.

Muncaster Castle in the county of Cumbria is reputed to be one of England's most haunted houses. The vengeful ghost in white of Mary Bragg, a foul-mouthed local girl who was murdered by being hanged from the Main Gate by drunken youths in the 19th century after they had kidnapped her for a joke, is also referred to as the white lady.The white lady has been sighted in chadkirk, manchester flaoting across the canal

Roughwood Nature Reserve in the Black Country also has had a high number of paranormal incidents, including sightings of a women in a white period dress, drenched in ichor from the lake where it is rumored her body was abandoned. Local myths suggest this is the spirit of Pauline Kelly, who with her daughter Evelyn disappeared in the mid 1800's. The local comunitee have a halloween tradion involving dressing in white dresses, as well as a jokey rhyme.

"White Lady,White Lady, Come get your baby"

This rhyme came into being after stories involving the kidnap of the child after the death of Mrs Kelly, which keeps her rooted to this world.


Charles Fort, a former British military station near Kinsale, is said to be haunted by a White Lady:

Colonel Warrender, the governor appointed to the fort shortly after its completion, had a daughter named "Willful" who married Sir Trevor Ashurst. On their wedding night, as they walked along the battlements of the fort, the bride desired some of the flowers that grew on the rocks beneath the wall. The nearby sentry offered to fetch the flowers if Sir Trevor would take his place while he did so.

Sir Trevor agreed, taking the sentry’s greatcoat and musket and standing at his post. While waiting for the sentry to return, Sir Trevor, exhausted by the day’s excitement and the alcohol he had consumed at the wedding, fell asleep. When the governor made his round of the sentries, he became angry and shot Sir Trevor for sleeping on duty.

After inspecting the body, he realized his mistake. When his daughter learned what had happened, she flung herself off the battlements, later reappearing as the White Lady of Charles Fort.

The ghost has been sighted on several occasions. Major Black, who served in the fort in the early 1800s, reported seeing her figure passing up and down the stairs. In 1880, Captain Marvell Hull and Lieutenant Hartland reported being confronted by a woman in a white dress. When she turned towards them, they saw that her face, while beautiful, was entirely colorless. She then passed through a locked door. Other officers of the fort once reported being flung down the stairs by an invisible source.[8] Brazil

Called Dama Branca or Mulher de Branco in Portuguese, the Brazilian Lady in White is the ghost of a young woman who died of childbirth or violent causes. She appears as pale woman in a long white dress or a sleeping gown. Though usually speechless, the Lady in White will occasionally, in a sad voice, recount to witnesses her misfortunes. The origins of the myth are not clear, Luís da Câmara Cascudo's Dicionário do Folclore Brasileiro (Brazilian Folklore Dictionary) proposes that the ghost is related to the violent deaths of young white women who were killed by their fathers or husbands out of honour revenge. The most frequent reasons for these honor killings were adultery (actual or suspected), denial of sex, or abuse. Monteiro Lobato in his book Urupês describes a young woman starved to death by her husband because he suspected she was in love with a slave and only gave her for food the stewed meat of his corpse.

The Lady in White usually haunts houses, but sometimes is found around them as well.


A Portuguese video featuring a White Lady is available on the Internet. In the video, three people take a car trip to the countryside around Sintra, Portugal. One passenger records the trip with a video camera. While driving along the road, the travelers spot a female hitchhiker, who they pick up. The passenger with the camera focuses on the hitchhiker, who states that she hasn't been the same since her accident, and points out a spot on the road where she claims to have died. She screams, involving the car in a crash which kills two of the travelers. According to the video, police investigating the accident said a girl named Teresa Fidalgo died near the very same spot in 1983.

Many viewers claimed the video was a fake and regarded it as a clone of The Blair Witch Project.[9][10] The producer, David Rebordão, admits this, explaining the story's fabrication on his website.[11]

The Czech Republic

The best-known White Lady of the Czech Republic is the ghost of Perchta of Rožmberk at Rožmberk Castle. Perchta of Rožmberk was a daughter of an important Czech nobleman, Oldřich II of Rožmberk. She married another nobleman, Jan of Lichtenštejn (John of Lichtenstein). The matrimony was quite unhappy. One of the reasons might have been the fact that Perchta’s father had been quite reluctant in paying the agreed upon dowry. During the married life Perchta had written many letters to her father and brothers with colourful descriptions of her unhappy family life. Some 32 of these letters had been handed down.


Once upon a time there was a lady whose man was a soldier during the second world war. The lady was anxiously waiting at home in her mansion in Malax for her man to come home, alive. She waited for days, weeks and several months for her husband to come home. A year later the man finally came home. But the lady had heard that her man was cheating on her. She became so angry that when the man came home, she stood on the balcony railing and stabbed herself in her heart and fell down in the arms of her man. After that, many many years later when people have tried to sleep in that house, they've seen the shape of a lady standing behind the curtains singing. They've also heard female voices so nobody never dare to sleep in that house ever again.


The White Lady of Mdina was killed by her lover after she was forced to marry another man. Many have claimed to see this spirit, always after eight o'clock in the evening. She usually appears to children under eight years old, heart-broken teenage boys, and elderly men. While she tells the children goodnight and bids them to return home, she advises the teenagers to "find another" or to join her and become a part of her "shadow" (her ghostly followers). She also attempts to lure elderly men into her "shadow."


The White Lady of Balete Drive, in Quezon City, is a ghost who appears as a long-haired woman in a white dress. According to legend, she was raped and killed by Japanese soldiers during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines in World War II. Most of the stories that have come out about her were told by taxi drivers doing the graveyard shift. In other instances it is said that when solitary people drive by Balete Drive in the wee hours of the morning, they tend to see the face of a woman in white in the rear view mirror for a split second before the apparition disappears. Some accidents on this road are blamed on the White Lady. Other incidences of White Lady in Philippine provinces include the apparition in Baguio City,wherein it is believed to appear on old retreat houses.


The "White Ladies" of Latvia are not allways to be dressed in only white, though they all practically share the same fate. We have Green Ladies, Brown Ladies, White Ladies...

In the castle of Krustpils, there have several times been seeings of a woman ghost, and, what is really interesting, this ghost actually contacted with people, who saw her. One man even saw her several times a week, as he was working in a cafeteria in the castle. He even knew the signs, that told, the white lady's coming - the lights in the room went darker and the air suddenly grew a bit colder. He also told, the ghost had spoken to him, asking, why it was so cold in the castle, who he was etc. , and even helped him in the cafe to remove the dishes. Sometimes, it seemed, that someone else was together with her, a man, only he stayed outside.It is speculated, that this woman was baroness Irena, who had fallen in love with one of stablemen working for her husband. As this was discovered, the man was sent to Siberia and the baroness left for Germany together with her husband. Other speculation is, that this was a servant girl, who had hanged herself in the castle's park after unlucky falling in love with the baron's son. The ghosts path begun at the front door of the castle, continued to the stables, where she turned round and came to the kitchen door (where the cafeteria later was).

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