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Zmajeviti are men-dragon hybrids that combat storms in the folklore of Bulgaria.


Zmajeviti look like ordinary people except for little wings beneath their armpits; such men are always born at night after a twelve-month term.


Much like a zduhac, a zmajeviti man lives like everybody else when the weather is nice, but when an ala leads threatening clouds into sight, he falls into a trance and his spirit comes out of his body and flies up to the clouds to fight with the ala, just like a dragon would do.


A story from Banat, which was held as true until the 1950s, says that before World War I, an exhausted ala in the form of a giant snake fell from the clouds onto a road. The explanation of the event was that the ala was defeated in her fight with a zmajeviti man; people gave her milk to help her recover.