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from Collin de Plancy's Dictionnaire Infernal

In demonology, Aim (aka Aym or Haborym) is a Great Duke of Hell.


Aim is depicted as a man (handsome to some sources), but with three heads, one of a serpent, the second of a man (to some authors with two stars on his forehead), and the third of a cat to most authors, although some say of a calf, riding a viper, and carrying in his hand a lit firebrand with which he sets the requested things on fire. Some say he is the same as Raum.


Aim is a Great Duke of Hell, very strong, and rules over twenty-six legions of demons.


Aim sets cities, castles and great places on fire, makes men witty in all ways, and gives true answers concerning private matters.


Aym or Haborim is a great duke and a strong, he commeth foorth with three heads, the first like a serpent, the second like a man having two * the third like a cat, he rideth on a viper, carrieng in his hand a light fier brand, with the flame whereof castels and cities are fiered, he maketh one wittie everie kind of waie, he answereth truelie of privie matters, and reigneth over twentie six legions.

Pseudomonarchia daemonum - Johann Wier (1583)

Haborym's seal

The Twenty-third Spirit is Aim. He is a Great Strong Duke. He appeareth in the form of a very handsome Man in body, but with three Heads; the first, like a Serpent, the second like a Man having two Stars on his Forehead, the third like a Calf. He rideth on a Viper, carrying a Firebrand in his Hand, wherewith he setteth cities, castles, and great Places, on fire. He maketh thee witty in all manner of ways, and giveth true answers unto private matters. He governeth 26 Legions of Inferior Spirits; and his Seal is this, which wear thou as aforesaid, etc.

Aim, GoetiaGoetia - S. L. MacGregor Mathers (1904)

Popular Culture

  • In the 2006 Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game supplement Tome of Magic: Pact, Shadow, and True Name Magic, Aim (spelled as Aym) appears as a dwarven "vestige" with whom characters can make a pact in return for power.
  • In DC Comics, the letter "a" in the demon Sabbac's name stands for Aym.