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The mission of Monstropedia is to create the ultimate online media library about monsters, gathering information and documents from the earliest myths onwards to the present day, developing a coherent set of methods to analyse each creature and attaching current theories about their existence.

mon·ster n.

Root: Middle English monstre, from Old French, from Latin monstrum, portent, monster, from monere, to warn

1. a. A creature, usually legendary or imaginary, such as a centaur or harpy, that combines parts from various animal or human forms.

1. b. A creature having a strange or frightening appearance.

2. An animal, plant, or other organism having structural defects or deformities.

3. A very large animal

4. One who inspires horror or disgust.

By using MediaWiki advanced technology, the same that powers Wikipedia and Fandom websites, Monstropedia is able to harness semantic drilling to perform analysis and side-comparisons that could not be made before. Monstropedia can be used as a tool for scholars as well as a source of inspiration for fiction writers or simply to check what is the real mythos behind creatures that we meet in modern media.