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Angel (Dungeons & Dragons)

Angels are a type of celestial in the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, of any good alignment and hail from the any of the Upper Planes]. Angels are also known as aasimon.

Angels are all extraplanar outsiders and share a number of magical powers:

  • They possess Darkvision, the ability to see in the dark.
  • They are immune to acid, cold and petrification.
  • They are resistant to electricity, fire, and poison.
  • They have a protective field that wards them against evil creatures and effects.
  • They can speak with any creature that has a language.

Types of Angels

  • Agathion - Warrior angels sometimes sent on missions to the Material Plane.
  • Deva, Astral - Patrons of planar travelers and powerful creatures undertaking good causes.
  • Deva, Monadic - Stoic watchers of the Ethereal Plane and the Elemental Planes.
  • Deva, Movanic - Celestial infantry serving the Positive Energy Plane, the Negative Energy Plane, and the Material Plane.
  • Deva, Stellar, Emprix - An Emprix looks like most starkin, though slightly more attractive (if possible) and radiating dignity and power.
  • Deva, Stellar, Starkin - Luminescent humanlike celestials that can shift to a bright, twinkling point of light like a star in the night sky.
  • Light - Misty rainbows of light that serve high-level worshipers of good deities and provide good beings aid on quests.
  • Planetar - Mightly generals of celestial armies that also help powerful mortals on missions of good, particularly those that involve battles with fiends.
  • Solar - The greatest of the angels, usually close attendants to a deity or champions of some cosmically beneficent task.


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