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The She-Wolf by Pollock

Asena (Ashina Tuwu) is the wolf mother of Bumen, the first Khan of the Göktürks.


According to Chinese people, Asena means wolf. In Turkey many people believe that Asena should be the name of female wolf.


The legend runs as follows. After a battle, only an injured young boy survives. A she-wolf finds the injured child and nurses him back to health. He subsequently impregnates the wolf which then gives birth to ten half-wolf, half-human boys. One of these, Ashina, becomes their leader and founds the Ashina clan that ruled the Göktürks and other Turkic nomadic empires.


Asena inspired the name and has been used as a symbol of the Grey Wolves, the youth organization of the Turkish Nationalist Movement Party. Asena was also used as a nationalistic symbol by the Turkish Resistance Organization, Turanism and Pan-Turkism.