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Auseklis is a Latvian god and represents Venus. In Latvian mythology, he is the third most popular deity next to Saulė and Mēness.


Auseklis was derived from root “aus” which means "dawn" or "orient" and Latvian word “sēkla” which means "seed", or from verb “aust”, meaning "to rise (for sun, stars or moon). Therefore, Auseklis means "The one who rises".


Auseklis was only mentioned in dainas and may be invented by Krišjānis Barons.

Auseklis as a god

Auseklis is directly linked with Mēness ("moon") because they are both Dieva dēli ("sons of God"). The pair are often confused with each other and with other deities. He is also the husband of Saules meita ("daughter of the sun").


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