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Modern illustration

Bahamut (بهموت} is a giant omnipotent creature in Arabian mythology, sometimes describes as a dragon or snake.

Bahamut rides on a giant whale creature called Liwash that resides in a vast sea, the Adwad. He supports a huge bull named Kuyutha who supports a rock of ruby, atop which stands an angel who supports the seven heavens. Later, Bahamut was identified with Liwash and became a huge fish hence the biblical tradition.

  • Seven Heavens
  • The First Earth (Inhabitants: man, genie and animals)
  • The Second Earth (Inhabitants: wind of suffocation)
  • The Third Earth (Inhabitants: stones of hell)
  • The Fourth Earth (Inhabitants: sulphur of hell)
  • The Fifth Earth (Inhabitants: serpents of hell)
  • The Sixth Earth (Inhabitants: scorpions of hell)
  • The Seventh Earth (Inhabitants: devil and his angels)
  • An Angel
  • A rock of Ruby
  • Kuyutha
  • Bahamut
  • Fathomless sea
  • Realm of Air
  • Realm of Fire
  • Falak, the omnipotent serpent

Popular culture

In the Final Fantasy series, Bahamut is a summon in almost every game and is depicted as a large dragon. More often than not, Bahamut's chief attack is "Mega Flare", dealing massive non-elemental damage to enemies.

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