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In ancient Albanian folklore, Bolla is a snake-like (or dragon-like) creature that sleeps throughout the entire year. On Saint George's Day, it will open its eyes and look into the world. A human unfortunate enough to be spotted by Bolla will be devoured instantly.

The creature is also known as Bullar in south Albania.


Bolla is usually represented with a long, coiled, serpentine body, four legs and small wings. In its twelfth year, the bolla evolves by growing nine tongues, horns, spines and larger wings. At this time it will learn how to use its formerly hidden fire-breathing abilities, and is now called a Kulshedra.

The Kulshedra is sometimes also represented as an enormous woman with a hairy body and hanging breasts.


The monster can cause severe droughts and it requires human sacrifices to propitiate it.