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BUSAW II (Evil Spirit) by BOY DOMINGUEZ, 1990 Philippines

Busaw is a mythical creature that looks and behaves like a human, raise farm animals and plants root crops.


Busaw is described with pointed teeth, hooked nails and a long tongue.


The Busaw was considered as a ghoul and corpse thief. Humans were its favorite food, hence, human skeletons scattered on its dwelling place. It’s an evil spirit that acts like a human by day, observes the sounds of death at night and inhabits in large trees near cemeteries. When it stole corpses out of the coffins, Busaw replaced them with banana tree trunks. After turning the corpse into a pig, the Busaw feast on it and give some of its food to its human neighbors during the day so that they will also become ghouls.


To thwart the Busaw, one should wash the corpses with vinegar and herbs with strong odor. Salt can also repel a busaw.

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