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Capé-lobo or capelobo is a hybrid bipedal cryptid from the area of Para and Maranhao in North Brazil.


Capé-lobo means Wolf's cape from Native Brazilian cape = a broken, bent or crippled bone) and Portuguese lobo, indicating the myth may have borrowed European elements.


"Wolf's cape is said to derive from an old Indian who leaves his village to live his last days alone in the forest. Instead of dying, however, he gradually transforms into a foul-smelling hairy ape armed with longs, canine fangs and a single eye protuding from his forehead. The terrestrial creature walks upright and leaves rounded footprints in the soil, similar to those left if one presses the bottom of a bottle into the ground."


Capelobo is carnivorous and nocturnal. It attacks newborn cats and dogs, but may attack larger prey and humans, breaking their skulls and eating the brain or drinking the victim's blood


  • "The scream of capé-lobo can be heard for up to ten leagues, and the blast is sufficient to buckle the knees of even the most robust hunter. "
  • "Wolf's cape employs its awesome teeths into dogs and goats, its favorite prey, but people are also incorporated into its carnivorous diet."
  • "Capé-lobo is said to produce a repulsive stench that originate in its filthy, matted fur. Wolf's cape can be only killed by penetrating its eye; bullets and lead shot do no harm the rest of the creature's stocky body."

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