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The Cyoeraeth is a ghostly creature in the dress of a female, with tangled hair, a bloodless and ghastly countenance, long black teeth, and withered arms of great length.

"This being (fortunately for the people) seldom made itself visible, but its scream or shriek at night had a terrible and overpowering effect on all who heard it. It generally foreboded death or fearful disaster. Sightings always occurred near crossroads or near a river or llyn. The creature would splash and agitate the water with its long bloodless hands, wailing all the time so as to 'make night hideous.' Those who heard its dreary moaning (or thought they did, the case doubtless of the majority) fled in horror, fearing for their reason, while many were really affected in mind, and ever after had the shriek resounding in memory."

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