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Daniel Camargo Barbosa was a serial killer from South America who became known as the Beast Of The Andes and is believed to have murdered 72 young girls.

Barbosa was originally from Colombia, where he was convicted of raping and killing a nine-year-old girl. He escaped from prison in 1986 and fled to Ecuador, where he embarked on a spree of rape and murder.

In June 1988, Barbosa was arrested for the murder of a twelve-year-old girl. He was linked to the crime by a fingerprint left on a candy-wrapper at the scene, this being the means by which he lured victims. He confessed to killing 71 girls since escaping from prison two years earlier, and he led authorities to the dumping grounds of those victims whose bodies had not yet been recovered.

Barbosa was convicted in 1989 and sentenced to life imprisonment. It has since been reported that he was murdered in prison, by the cousin of one of his victims.


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