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Dragon of Mordiford

The green dragon of Mordiford is a beast that terrorized the area around Mordiford, Herefordshire.


The dragon was described as a wyvern of green color.


There was a little girl called Maud. Whilst out in the woods (Haugh Wood), she discovered a little green baby dragon. When she took the dragonet home, her parents were horrified and told her to get rid of it. She secretly disobeyed, keeping the dragon hidden and feeding it on milk. The dragon grew up, taking refuge in Haugh Wood. When it got hungry it used to venture out along Serpent Lane in the search for cows. Many tried to do away with the creature but none succeeded, until a condemned criminal, known as Garnstone, offered to get rid of it in exchange for his freedom. On approaching the dragon, he jumped into a cider barrel which had been covered in steel spikes. When the dragon attempted to crush the barrel with its coils it was sliced into many pieces.