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Fritz Honka (1935 - 19 October, 1998) was a German serial killer. Between 1971 and 1974, he killed at least four prostitutes from Hamburg's red light district, keeping the bodies in his flat.

At five foot five, Fritz Honka was extremely sensitive about his height. He liked his women shorter, and he also liked them toothless, to alleviate his fears of mutilation during oral sex. He found relief with aging prostitutes from Hamburg's red light district, killing at least four of them in his small attic room in the Zeißstraße 74 of Ottensen. Disposal was a problem, given Honka's size and basic laziness. He kept the bodies in his flat, and fortified himself with alcohol against the stench. When neighbours griped about unpleasant smells, he doused the place with quarts of cheap deodorant.

In January 1975, he torched the apartment, and the mummified remains were found by firemen. In custody, Honka said he killed the women after they mocked his preference for oral sex over "straight" intercourse. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, the maximum possible under German law.

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