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Arthur was the son of king UTHER PENDRAGON and Igraine, wife of the Cornish duke Gorlois. He was born out of wedlock and raised by the wizard MERLIN. When Uther died, the original Knights of the Round Table were at a loss on who to lead them. Merlin told them that whoever drew a magic sword from the stone, which had appeared mysteriously in London, would rule over them. Many knights tried the word, but all in vain. After a number of years, Arthur journeyed to London, to watch a tournament. The boy’s knight mentor was taking part, but found he was without sword. So, he sent Arthur to get one.

Arthur pulled the sword from the stone, not realising its significance, and gave the sword to the bewildered knight. And so, the heir was revealed.

With Merlin’s aid, Arthur managed to defeat his enemies, and bring peace to Britain. On one occasion though, Arthur drew his sword against one of his own knights, and his blade shattered. In despair, the king wandered the shore of a lake, when he saw a hand rise out of the water, holding the now famous Excalibur.

Reassured by his new sword, he went on to be a great king. He defeated the Anglo Saxons, aided king Leodegraunce of Scotland against the Irish and even campaigned in Rome. In return for his aid to Leodegraunce, he married his daughter GUINEVERE. At first, Merlin was sceptical of this, as he knew of Guinevere’s love for Sir Lancelot. However, he later blessed the couple.

Nevertheless, the Queen and Lancelot were soon found out, and Lancelot fled to Brittany.

After chasing Lancelot to Brittany, word spread of Arthur's nephew, Sir Mordred, had seized Camelot and forced Guinevere to consent to marriage. Arthur rounded the knights up, and went to face his nephew. A terrible battle was fought. Only two of Arthur’s knights survived, and they both had to carry the king, such was the severity of his wounds. Knowing his end was near, he had Excalibur thrown into the lake, where a hand swiftly seized it. It is then said Arthur boarded a magic boat, and was on his way to AVALON, to be cured of his wounds, and might return one day to lead his people.