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Mormo or Mormô, Mormo'lyce or Mormolyceion (Mormolukê, Mormolukeion), ) is a female spectre, with which the Greeks used to frighten little children.


More recent Greek tales describe the creature as a merely frightening shapeshifter, but blame it for injuring sheep.


Bell, Women of Classical Mythology (sourced from Philostratus Life of Apollonius of Tyana 4.25; Aristophanes Archanians 582; Aristophanes Peace 474) :

"MORMO was a female spectre that the Greeks used to frighten little children. She was one of the same class of frightful creatures as Empusa and Lamia. The Mormolyceia further were said to be able to assume the form of beautiful women for the purpose of luring young men to bed, where they sucked their blood and consumed their flesh."

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