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Nybbas is a demon or spirit that manages visions & dreams in Collin de Plancy's Dictionnaire Infernal.


Nybbas is of the inferior order, obeying to Vapula. Sometimes dubbed 'Prince of the Media', he is assisted by human slaves which he seeks in dreams and visions but discards when their favor is no longer required.


Nybbas is regarded as a buffoon and a charlatan, his grinning face is depicted as sickening and terrifying and beneath his otherways friendly exterior, he is disdainful and manipulative. His eyes are always hidden behind a veil or some obstruction (in the 18th century it was seen as a large hat). No one has ever seen his eyes to suggest his nature as a liar.


Nybbas charge is to dehumanise and desensitise humanity, making selfishness and cruelty appear moral, and generosity and gentleness childish. Modern stories tells that he was the demon behind the inventors of TV and the World Wide Web and some ultra right sects in modern day would blame him for manipulation of magazines, newspapers, radio, and the World Wide Web.