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Nwowatcher is a member driven website dedicated to exposing corruption within the ranks of our political leaders and religious authorities. The forum was created in June, 2004 as an independent offshoot of the Alex Jones Prison Planet forums, and covers a wide range of topics from the 911 conspiracy, to religious fraud, UFO's, underground bases, black-op government projects, chemtrails, weather control, cutting edge science, our human origins, and many other areas of relevance and importance. It's main aim and goal is both in exposing the deception and manipulation in the ranks of world leaders, as well as to understand our past for the creation of a better future.

As of September of 2004, Nwowatcher has been airing a weekly, hour long audio program entitled Revolution Radiowhich acts as an extension to the topics covered on the website. The weekly program is run primarily through co-hosts Michael A. Dyer (known as "MAD" at the forums) and Cory Pokigo ("Anyeurysm"). Mad also has a variety of articles and interviews published both at Nwowatcher as well as various other sites on the Internet, which he continues to update on a regular basis.

Aside from researching dozens of topics from the modern era, including the September 11th attacks in the United States, Waco, the Oklahoma City bombing, illegal immigration, Zionism and others, Nwowatcher also deals in many fairly ground breaking theories regarding our human origins and the destiny of planetary consciousness. Perhaps the most well known of these theories is that of the Cave Mystery Schools which has been a running theme of the website since it's inception.

Nwowatcher continues to grow in membership and information, and is dedicated to being one of the largest and most well rounded websites on the Internet regarding the topics of conspiracy and activism.