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My name is Randy and I am a family-loving, loud-laughing, sweet-smiling, happy-go-lucky, evil-when-angered kind of guy.

I turned 19 on July 25th, this year; I in my second semester at Valencia Community College, and I am a person of the finer arts.

That means, I love God (Jesus, I'm a Christian, not Muslim, Buddhist, Catholic or a member of any of those other religious beliefs)

I love the study of mythology, legend, myth, folklore and the paranormal (I'm working on a book listing and defining the various different superhuman abilities)

I love animals (I have two cats) and other various aspects of nature.

I love to read, talk (and listen) to friends, and write (stories, plays, poems).

I find myself to be a cultured person, but I have a strange sense of humor. I'm very strange in many other aspects as well (I would describe myself as "Blissfully Eccentric") but that's what makes me me.