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The Yunwi Tsunsdi is a fairy species in the mythology of the Cherokee and Iroquois tribes.


The Yunwi Tsunsdi stand about 2 feet tall with long hair that reaches to the ground. They wear white clothes, but tend to be invisible to the naked eye. Apart from the size and supernatural status and invisibility they are very much like Indians, speaking the same language and having similar songs and social structure.


There are four varieties of Yunwi Tsunsdi. One that lives in rocky cliffs and hard-to-reach craggy mountainsides. They make their homes in rocks, sometimes with many chambers and keep well-swept floors. The secound variety make their homes in rhododendron patches, the third live in scrub brush and the fourth reside out in the open. Each of the four varieties differ in their level of malevolence. The two latter are the most malevolent while the other two can be helpful if treated well.


  • Yunwi Tsunsdi are so mischevious that they delight in tripping people and wreaking general havoc, like making household items drop and break.
  • Humans rarely see the Yunwi Tsunsdi. It is considered back luck to see them and is always a portent of death. However, twins can see them and frequently speak with them.
  • Certain conjurers can even capture them for hard labor around the house.
  • Sometimes the Yunwi Tsunsdi get travelers lost in the mountains and they often lure children away from their families. As in most fairy abduction situations, time spent with the Little People leaves victims insane.