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Ashi-magari (足まがり, lit. leg turner) is a ghostly phenomenon from the folklore of Kagawa Prefecture on Shikoku, Japan.


Ashi-magari is a soft thing, like a kitten or a wad of cotton, which is felt wrapping itself around a person's leg at night, impeding the ability to walk. If they squeeze it tightly, the ashi-magari is said to feel something like the tail of an animal. While it is not generally visible, it is often believed to be a trick played by tanuki on night travellers.


  • Manga/TV anime Gegege no Kitarou - Ashimagari appear in one of the many adventures of Kitarou.
  • Gegege no Kitarou (GameBoy Advance) - Ashimagari appear in this game, in one of the stages.