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the bauchan

The Bauchan (also bòcan [Ir.], bogan, buckawn) is a type of brownie in Celtic mythology.


Bauchans are both male and female. They are exceedingly hairy.


Bauchans are solitary creatures, that often attach themselves to human families. They mostly stay around just to play tricks, but can be very helpful when the proper mood strikes (i.e. - Callum mor Macintosh had a love, hate relationship with his Baucan companion. The love side must have been stronger because when Callum moved to the states his Bauchan came before him & cleared his plot of land for him.)


  • Callum Mohr Macintosh of Loch Treig, in Lochaber had a Bauchan as a companion.
  • Popular Tales of the West Highlands (vol. II, p. 103 - John Francis Campbell
  • Buckeye - The Haunted Wizard - Christopher Stasheff.


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