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Kuyūthāʼ (Arabic كيوثاء), also known as Kujata or Kjata is the bull which rides atop the giant whale called Liwash who also supports another bull called Bahamut in some versions of one medieval Islamic cosmology. Kuyutha is described as having 4,000 eyes, ears and feet and it would take a journey of 500 years to go from one eye to another, or one ear to another. Several variations exist on the position of Kuyutha in the legend, but this is one order:

  1. Seven Heavens
  2. The First Earth (Inhabitants: man, genii and animals)
  3. The Second Earth (Inhabitants: wind of suffocation)
  4. The Third Earth (Inhabitants: stones of hell)
  5. The Fourth Earth (Inhabitants: sulphur of hell)
  6. The Fifth Earth (Inhabitants: serpents of hell)
  7. The Sixth Earth (Inhabitants: scorpions of hell)
  8. The Seventh Earth (Inhabitants: devil and his angels)
  9. An Angel
  10. A rock of Ruby
  11. Kuyutha
  12. Bahamut
  13. Fathomless sea
  14. Realm of Air
  15. Realm of Fire
  16. Falak, the omnipotent serpent

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