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Lake Worth monster

The Lake Worth monster, also known as the Goatman, is a North American cryptid reported to live in Lake Worth, Texas.


From June to November of 1969, numerous eyewitnesses reported seeing a creature, described as 6 ft (1.8 m) tall, and a cross between a human and a goat. It reportedly had a horrible stench. One witness threw a bag of chicken at the creature, and it took the bag in its mouth and ran off. Considered a hoax by the police force upon first inspection, officers later changed their minds on July 10, after four police units and a group of thirty to forty people gathered to watch the beast as it passed through a clearing near a wooded area. It appeared on top of an enbankment, then leapt to the ground and threw a car tire 500 feet toward the crowd, forcing everyone to flee to their cars.

At least one photograph has been taken of the monster by a local resident. Three of the local residents also claimed to have shot the creature and found a trail of blood. Believers have classified it as an extinct species of mammal.

Reports died out by 1970, indicating that the "monster" may have moved on from the area or died.


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