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Hounds of the Hills

The Hounds of the Hill is a named used for the hunting-dogs of those fairies who live in the hollow hills.

As fairy dogs they are distinct from the Gabriel Hounds, the Devil's Dandy Dogs and other spectral packs whose duty it is to hunt souls rather than fairy deers.


The Hounds of the Hill are generally described as white with red ears rather than dark green like the Cusith described by, reports an anecdote heard in Cheshire in 1917 and again in 1970 about a Hound of the Hill befriended by a young labourer. It was the size of a calf with a rough white coat and red ears. As its paws seemed to be sore, the guy cured them with wet dock leaves. Later, while crossing a haunted wood, the boy was attacked by a spectral goat and rescued by the hound.


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