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Devil's Dandy Dogs

The Devil’s Dandy Dogs, also known as Dando Dogs, are hounds of the British folklore said to be taking part to the Wild Hunt


In XIX Century, in England, the huntsman might be any one of a number of local heroes or villains, usually of the landowning class, or a hunting squire such as Dando and his Dogs, also known as the Devil's Dandy Dogs, condemned to hunt forever, or someone who had otherwise achieved fame or notoriety, for example Sir Francis Drake and Wild Darrell, the Marcherlands it was Edric the Wild, and in the southeast it was associated with Herne the Hunter.

Though the ancient Herlething was forgotten under that name, beliefs connected with it long survived not only in traditions such as these concerning spectral huntsmen and their hounds, but probably also that of the sinister hell waine listed by Reginald Scot in his Discovery of Witchcraft, dated 1384, among common apparitions.

Belief in the Hell wain as the wagon in which were borne the souls of the dead survived until recently in Wales and the West Country, and seems to underlie the many reports of phantom coaches with headless horses from East Anglia and elsewhere.

In Cornwall Devil's Dandy or Dando Dogs are also known as Black Dogs.

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