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The Fairy Raed or fairy Wild Hunt is about spirits that at a certain time of the year ride through the air with ghosts, fairies and witches,


In Fairyland the hunt was led by Gwyn ap Nudd, also know as The White One, the fairy king guarding the portal on Glastonbury Tor.

Original reports of the Fairy Raed however tell of a hunt led by a pagan deity, though the facts that reports were given by monks probably emphasised the demonic aspect of the riders.

In Scotland the Sluagh, originally part of the Seelie Court, turned in the Wild Hunt sinners who flew through skies at midnight to kidnap travelers out late at night.

The Sluagh, also known as the Fairy Host were said to fly West in order to catch the soul of a dying man before it was shriven. This is the reason why at the beginning of the Twentieth Century in Scotland people began to close windows and doors overlooking the west side.

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